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Depression Therapy

Mental Health Counseling for Depression in Seattle

What causes depression?

Depression is an emotional response that can be triggered by stressful life events or significant loss; loss of a loved one, a job or career, or even a loss of the positive way you used to view yourself (ideal self).

Depression is also a signal to others that you are in need of support and assistance. However, in our fast-paced, individualistic society today, it is often hard to pinpoint what triggered your depression, and even harder to find the right support. The good news is, you are in the right place. 

Depression can look like:

- lack of motivation

- feeling tired

- trouble sleeping

- not enjoying the same activities, friends, or places that you used to 

- feeling worthless

- feeling guilty 

- not caring about things anymore

- feeling defeated

- feeling hopeless

Therapy for Depression

What if I told you there is a reason you are feeling stuck in this state of depression and it is not just a "chemical imbalance in your brain"? The hallmarks of depression are low mood and lack of energy that stem from a general negative view of the world and yourself.


The question is, where did this negative perspective come from? Sometimes it can be one significant event that changes your entire outlook on the world. Other times it can be many, smaller events that leave you feeling, thinking and believing that the world is not fair, or that you are not enough.

Our work together will focus on targeting these negative self beliefs, thoughts and experiences by going directly to the source.

We will explore what experiences led you to this perspective and these beliefs of not being good enough, uproot these beliefs, and replace them with more realistic, healthy and adaptable ways of viewing yourself and the world, allowing you to finally break free from this depressed view of yourself and the world. 

Depression Therapy with Patrick Rettig Therapy can help you finally break free, to believe in yourself and restore that sense of motivation, drive, and ability to take on the world.  If you're ready to live a life beyond depression symptoms click the button below to reach out to Patrick Rettig Therapy so we can get you feeling better today!

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