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Beyond Symptoms


Anxiety, Depression, OCD 

& Trauma Therapy in Seattle

  If you've been feeling:

  • constantly worried or overwhelmed

  • lack of meaning and purpose in life

  • less interested in your hobbies

  • distant from the people you love

  I can help you feel:

  • calm and balanced

  • driven toward a meaningful life 

  • joy in the activities you love

  • connected to those you love 

Are you tired of coping skills like meditation or breathing that just don't seem to work for you? 


Try something different.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy helps you address the cause of your symptoms, instead of just learning to cope with them. 


I'm Patrick Rettig,

and I'm here to help you discover your best self.


I became a therapist because I wanted to dedicate my life to understanding the complexities that contribute to mental health disorders and effectively help you get to a life beyond symptoms.


Together we can get you from feeling anxious to calm, stuck to motivated, and exhausted to the top of your game. 

It's as easy as:


Connect with me to find out how my expertise is the right fit for your mental health needs.


Increase emotional awareness, set healthier boundaries, and learn which beliefs and thought patterns are holding you back. 


Discover your best self.

Enjoy life to its fullest. 

Reconnect with your loved ones.


How does therapy work?

How to know what kind of therapist you need?

Do you accept insurance?

How do I get started?

Patrick Rettig Therapy

Contact Patrick Rettig Therapy by filling out the form below. Or book your own free 15 minute consultation through the "Client Portal" button on the bottom of the page.

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